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    Nestled in and among the brick store fronts in Peterborough, New Hampshire there is a modern looking building which is the home to the Fry Fine Art gallery. The building is bordered on the left by the Contoocook River which can be seen through the palladium windows of the gallery. The gallery is flooded with natural light which accents the tastefully placed spotlights on the art. The entire gallery is in hardwood with tribal rugs beautifully placed throughout. To visit the Fry Fine Art gallery is an experience for the senses.

    Most of the paintings are in the style of American Impressionism. There are paintings of landscapes with cattle and haybales, as well as ships on the blue, blue sea. There are local mountain scenes of Mt. Monadnock, charming little houses on country lanes, and beach scenes with people cavorting in the sand and water.

    Some of the more well-known artists are Arthur Clifton Goodwin (1864-1929.) In his “The Frozen Neponset River” he has painted a landscape that is light and airy with delicate renderings of the landscape and people. Emile Albert Gruppe (1896-1978) in his “Harbor Scene” he uses bold and broad-brush strokes bordering on Expressionism. Anthony Thieme (1888-1954) paints his “Merrimack River” in the Impressionistic style. The light is the subject rather than nature itself. William Preston Phelps (1848-1923) paints cows grazing in the woods in his “Autumn Woods.” He, like Thieme, uses light as his subject rather than the cows. Bruce Crane (1857-1937) in his “Forest Landscape” has bright colors and bold bru


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