• 2016 Greenerborough Expo - Cancelled

  • The Greater Peterborough Chamber of Commerce regrets to announce that the Greenerborough Expo, an annual May event featuring many area green businesses and organizations, has been canceled.  The decision to cancel the event was prompted by a combination of delays in finding volunteers to organize the event and the growing expense to the Chamber of Commerce. 

    The Greater Peterborough Chamber of Commerce relies on its members and community to host over 50 events and programs throughout the year.  All of our events must at least break-even in addition to benefiting the region.  Every nonprofit membership organization has a fiduciary responsibility to its membership to provide fiscally sound event programs.  There was a great deal of discussion and deliberation done before this decision was made.

    We would like to take this opportunity to thank the members of the former Peterborough Grange, the Town of Peterborough and our volunteers who have made this event possible in past years.  Without their tireless dedication Greenerborough could never have happened.   The Greater Peterborough Chamber of Commerce  realizes the importance of community events and is excited to be partnering with ConVal High School to bring back the “Independence Day Big Bang Fireworks” on July 2nd.


    Sean W. Ryan
    Executive Director
    Greater Peterborough Chamber of Commerce


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